Tuesday 12th March 17:00 UTC

Main Agenda

Meeting notes:

everybody updated "paid" date for 2022-08-107 bug #961


Nexys Video FPGA card arrived. bug #1004 will do nmigen-boards pinout. will do a loopback and a demo. also focussing on bug #1036

suggests funding to tobias bug #990

also got a touchscreen for orangecrab (cool!)


updated bugzilla after getting paid for RFP for NLnet.2022-08-107.ongoing


not able to do very much due to severe PTSD, 4 visits to A&E in one week, and 3 doctor's appointments.

svshape4 for bigmul bug #1155 working on curve25519_mul. svshape4 redesign needed. still working on it.


submitting (new) binutils grant as individual bug #1259 Dmitry becomes the Project Lead / Adminstrator. Submitted: 2024-04-072

Asked about bug #1150. Explain that draft_opcode_tables is the "canonical" file for opcodes before doing CSV files.


attending a research methods course.