Please find the links that were shared on August 10.


From August 8th, we are using the libre-soc wiki to post our MoM.

Luke asked me to transfer the August 6th MoM to this link,

Luke said when we post any content to the webpage, a git commit happens
at the back end.

Luke created a 1.15 numbering named Object Automation at  Here Luke explained how all the
employees of Object Automation can post their skill sets using Cesar
Strauss as template.

He was also talking about Bugtracker assignments and how to install OS
and dev. environment without an account.

He asked whether all are having a 64-bit system.

He was asking about what OS do we have?

He was talking about debian. How to burn an iso file to USB on Windows.

He said if Ubuntu is installed already, it is not necessary to install
debian 10.

If we have Ubuntu, just clone the dev-env-setup script and just run with
the chroot name, it will give the isolated environment containing tools.

These are the two tasks assigned to us:
1) Luke asked everyone to join the mailing list on the IRC channel and
   send an email to the Group.
2) Debian/Ubuntu/Linux—any one to be installed