PowerPC gem5

Building gem5

Official instructions are sparse. Under exploratory development:

apt-get install ccache build-essential scons libprotobuf-dev \
                libpython2.7-dev protobuf-compiler
scons -j16 build/POWER/gem5.opt

Two warnings are given about fallthrough on case statements... which are commented as such... and yet nobody thought to tell the compiler that. TODO: investigate how to disable "-Werror" in scons...

gcc powerpc cross-compiler

Note that this is not the same as the 64-bit powerpc64le or the 64-bit powerpc64 compiler

apt-get install gcc-8-powerpc-linux-gnu g++-8-powerpc-linux-gnu


Apparently installing libtcmalloc gives a 12% performance increase

apt-get install libtcmalloc-minimal4