Web server setup


Nginx is the server - standard Debian nginx/1.13.9 Installed in /usr/local/nginx/sbin/

Luke did have a version compiled from source that addw trashed when he did an upgrade.

Config files under /etc/nginx

Certbot has been replaced with addw's scripts, see /var/www/acme/

All web sites are SSL enabled, the non SSL ones redirect to the SSL one. The only exception is the location /.well-known/acme-challenge/ which is needed so that Let'sEncrypt can validate and issue certificates.

irclogs redirects to an ircbot

docs virtual host redirects to sphinx directories

Nginx listens on IpV4 & IpV6.

ikiwiki is upgraded with two underlays, one with bootstrap templates, the other with the openpower-isa git repository markdown files a post-update hook checks out the openpower-isa repository, rebuild is not run becaise it delays git push completion.