We want to:

  • give mass volume appliance manufacturers an alternative to expensive un-auditable chips.
  • maximize the degree of trust a customer can place in their processor.

We do this by

providing the customer the freedom to study, modify, and redistribute the full SoC source from HDL and boot loader to down to the VLSI.

Libre-SOC is currently targeting:

  • chromebooks
  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • and industrial boards

Our First Product Will Be:

a (quad core, 800mhz, dual issue, GPU, VPU, [and later an ML inference core] ) SOC.

Why a Libre-SOC?

Its quite hard to guarantee that a performant processors (think pipelined, out-of-order) are functionally perfectly correct. In fact, it often turns out that they aren’t.

There are entire dissertations dedicated to the subject matter of merely functionally verifying a pipeline (this doesn’t even consider out of order execution).

Given the fact that performant bug-free processors no longer exist, how can you trust your processor? The next best thing is to have access to a processor’s design files. Not only have access to them, you must have the freedom to study and improve them.

Such a processor is referred to as a Libre processor. However, processors themselves are only a part of the picture. Nowadays, most contemporary computing tasks involve artificial intelligence, media consumption, wireless connectivity, etc... Thus, we must deliver an entire Libre-SOC.

Benefits: Privacy, Safety-Critical, Peace of Mind...

Our Libre-SOC will not have backdoors that plague modern processors.

There is a very real need for reliable safety critical processors (think airplane, smart car, nuclear power plant, pacemaker...). Libre-SOC posits that it is impossible to trust a processor in a safety critical environment without both access to that processor's source and a cycle accurate HDL simulator that guarantees developers their code behaves as they expect. An ISA level simulator is no longer satisfactory.

Refer to this IEEE article by Cyberphysical System expert Ed-Lee for more details.

Still Have Questions?

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