Specs for 2022 SOC


  • We are providing open source drivers for the GPU, hopefully completed by Fall 2022.
  • Given that POWER CPUs do not have GPUs, RaptorCS would like the LibreSOC to be able function as a discrete GPU in PCIE slave mode for POWER9 CPUs.
  • Lastly, RaptorCS would like to manufacture single board computers.


  • 4 Core POWER CPU
  • SimpleV Capability and GPU Instructions
  • Coherent Accelerator Processor Proxy (CAPP) functional unit
  • PCIe host Controller
  • PCIe Slave controller(RaptorCS wants to use LibreSOC as a GPU on their POWER mobos)
  • BMC - enables LibreSOC to become a discrete GPU with video output and ethernet.
  • RGB/TTL framebuffer VGA/LCD PHY from Richard Herveille, RoaLogic.



  • SERDES - 10rx, 14tx
    • 4tx, 4rx for OMI(DDR4 on top of SERDES with OpenCAPI protocol) @5GHz
    • 2tx, 2rx for ethernet
    • 4tx, 4rx for PCIe and other CAPI devices
    • 3tx for HDMI (note: requires HDMI Trademark Licensing and Compliance Testing)
  • OpenFSI instead of JTAG
  • USB 2.0 - Luna USB with USB3300 PHY (Tested max at 333MB/s with Luna on ECP5)


These should be easily doable with LiteX.