meeting with doctors saxon house 4 jun 2024


  • luke
  • aaron
  • thagadur 5208861
  • catherine OT.
  • dr bonnu 7915239
  • erika
  • claire nurse
  • dr nina refusing to provide GMC number
  • dr arya 8016135 - not received responses
  • alisha


  1. Why was I given an anti-psychotic medication Olanzapine immediately with no consultation with myself?
  2. What evidence is there of psychosis which justifies its immediate proscription?
  3. Why was my stepfather informed that the dose is 2.5 ug but the nurses inform me it is 5.0?
  4. Have you received my urgent repeated communication regarding massive dangerous reaction to forced medication? Why have I been refused access to a doctor when the warnings are very clear on side-effects? Nurses have NOT called a Doctor.
  5. Why have my dietary requirements not been met despite notifying you in writing on 26th May 2024, and why I am being deprived of the food that I bring in that is part of my medical diet?
  6. Allowed a Solicitor and also protected under Mental Health Act re: autism.
  7. Why have I been deprived of doing the things that I love and my interests? (being in nature, being with friends, riding my motorcycle, doing "poi", feeding birds and squirrels, which I regularly do).

Notes of things to say


If "line of thinking" is in "disagreement" it can be viewed
as "psychosis"

Dietary requirements:

(Aaron to ask pointedly - his son is on ketogenic diet and gets
them on *presciption* whereas Luke is buying medical diet food items
himself) How can people get better if they do not have the nutrition
they need?

What possible reason could they take away Celtic Salt?
Has anyone "overdosed" on minerals?

Reaction to Olanzapine:

* Dizziness
* Tourette's as well as eye unfocussing, precisely on heart-beat
* Unable to walk straight
* slurred speech, drooped face (left side)
* One hour continuous coughing and spitting up with breathing difficulties
* Sore glands and throat.

Doctor not called, but even when I felt I needed one I was too busy
concentrating on staying alive due to severity of breathing difficulties
to answer them.

except 03 Jun 2024:

* dizziness
* eyes crossing, unfocussed

(Question is: why? Notes taken so can be analysed and tested afterwards)


* <>



* Sleep deprivation during first few days (sound of shutter, torch)
* Affecting my mental health and well-being

14:37 Aaron prohibited from entering.
14:38 informed them i have autism and request his attendance.
14:41 thagadur thanks, remind aaron of confidentiality
aaron: is it normal that there are this many people? (answer sometimes).
14:42 i have questions, interupted by Thagadur stating "we don't havve all day"
14:43 proscribed 
   feeling psychotic
14::43 "you tell us"
   "you tell us"
A: it take 90 minutes.
Q: ghave you got 90 minutes?
A: no
14:44 "we spent 90 minutes"
   "not just that - whole presentation. referred to EIP by GP
    was NOT aware of referral to EIP."
14:45 learning first time
14:46 BE QUIET

"T: we have already discussed with you 90 minutes"
"no you have not"
"that is your opinion" - Q2 - not answered.

Q: number of times to A&E? so we can find out "why you are psychotic"

Q: why are you going to A&E repeatedly?
A: "have you got 90 minutes?"

T: statement "we need to stop, it is not productive"

Aaron: basis undiagnosed conditions.  i know luke and see luke,
       when he has these episodes because he is in fear of his life.
       what's been done? brain scans? has anyone looked into his

T: CT scan in february.

L: CT scan done AFTER rest.

T: so you are saying "i HAVE E & CB"

A: NO.

T: assess under MHA 2

EIP feel belief that i have these conditions

risk of death

T: believes they are DELUSIONS.

Q: would you like to see the videos?

T Answer:: no i do not

Aaron: tested everything?


How do you test for Encephalitis?

A: did not answer.

"When willing to have a productive conversation"

petition signed

Thag: Tribunal 

not read notes from side-effects.

talking to me "as if i am not here".

Aaron: this is 

glad angry 

what evidence of psychosis?


absurdity of abuse"

Thag apologised

Thag conversation has ended

Aaron: could not answer even one question

"suspected" psychosis.

Aaron: ridiculous

and in the meadication forced 

"cannot bear the shouting" - forced removal from MTD 15:01

L: request Dr Arya to review and continue conversation.
(catching-up: Dr Arya did NOT receive my notes - he said he had
 not been passed my letters).

Post-analysis by Aaron: I think you'll get out pretty quick. "Get" me by asking aggressive confrontational questions. was making them worried and uncomfortable that i was taking notes. Thagadur attempted to end the meeting three times, because he didn't want to answer the 2nd question.

L: 3rd question "why deprived of medical diet"? Sunday? was why Thagadur threw me out.

Aaron: he looked scared. Didn't like that there was someone with me.

15:06 L: slightly shaking, adrenaline rush (a bit).

Conversation got out-of-hand, unable to keep up with notes, remember Aaron mentioning petition of 20 people.

15:10 L: recall T looked scared during original interview, Friday 24th

15:12 A: need a wee. L: get back to ward, meet Erica / Claire(?) say "what did you think?"

Medical Condition

Aaron: hypchondriac is a psychiatric disorder

L: but did you notice he refused to answer my questions "what evidence do you have of psychosis / hypchondria?"

15:18 notified them in writing that i have earned EUR 20,000 in the past 3 weeks, and i am NOT homeless. met Erika in corridor, said something like "how did i do?" she said something like "good performance" but i am not sure if this was a joke or if she was implying i was not "serious" - i.e. the implication is i was acting (!!!!!)

A: "i know where he is going with that. you lost your job and your home therefore you are psychotic". they should understand that anyone is frustrated and angry in that situation.

L: did you notice that when i attempted to "empathise" with him, he shut the conversation down?

A: yyep.

L: observation: "that is not a well man" A: yes, he was probably questioning "why is this person in here? as he is clearly not displaying the symptoms of psychosis"

A: observation: Logged journal is not "normal" for people with mental disorders

L: did you notice he refused to review the video evidence? A: yyeah. L: that would blow him away A: he didn't like that i took control of the meeting. looked like a lost boy in a playground first day at school. rabbit in headlignts.


forgot to note: meanwhile i am forced medication when there is risk of death due to violent reaction. ONE HOUR coughing up and spitting out white flegm. requested other doctors present to look it up.

Aaron: how intimidating to have that many people. invite for a meeting and have a group.

L: when i SPECIFICALLY told them in writing, in my notes on Tuesday, that i prefer and am comfortable only with small numbers of people because i feel threatened!

A: that's why they do it - because they want people to feel threatened and small. (push their agenda - less likely to disagree, if they are backing each other up).

L: that's why i took notes...

Aaron: in his head, "someone raising their voice is abusing HIM". fxxxxg clowns.

L: observation that they may have been thinking i was "acting". Erika would not have stated that if it had not been discussed during the meeting.


Aaron spotted nurse that laughed about the abuse going on in Hants MH

Aaron: reckoned she said what she said in order to let me know what they think?

L: honestly don't know, no evidence either way but it is a "slip"

Aaron: suspect they play good-cop bad-cop. Yeah guaranteed.

L: need blueberries. need things that will slip past their radar. they deprived me of bio-available Ashwaganda, MCT Oil (bulletproof) and Electrolyte drops

Aaron: but they PROSCRIBE MCT oil to people on ketogenic diets!!

L: need coconut water.


Aaron: licenses get taken away when they say "i can cure cancer".

(L: sigh :) )