Tuesday 14th November 17:00 UTC


  • Planning to start making snippets of Poly-1305, asked for advice on how to setup test file (examples


  • Created budget estimates for bug #1169. Asked for approval whether can proceed or not.

  • Asked for the reason of the budget distribution in bug #983 (This bug's budget will be used to fund bug #1169.)


  • Luke and I in conversation with Michiel to query about FOSDEM costs. Later this week on another call to finalise the ongoing grant MoU. (The MoU was signed the following week.)

  • Continued to work on Libre-SOC documentation included in HDL workflow and libresoc bug process. See bug #1126 for updates.

  • Looked at list of tasks under bug #1169 and gave Jacob the go-ahead to proceed with tasks that are definitely required, and wait for Luke's response on the rest. (Given my lack of understanding and background, this was a mistake, and I should have waited for Luke's comments on the task list. This is noted for future bugs.)