OpenPOWER ISA register 'profile's

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map to old SV Prefix

imm non-SV
CRio RM-2P-1S1D
CR=2R1W RM-1P-2S1D
1W non-SV
1W-CRi RM-2P-1S1D
1R non-SV
1R-imm non-SV
1R-CRo RM-2P-1S1D
1R-CRo RM-2P-1S1D
1R-CRio RM-2P-2S1D
1R-1W RM-2P-1S1D
1R-1W-imm RM-2P-1S1D
1R-1W-CRo RM-2P-1S1D
1R-1W-CRo RM-2P-1S1D
2R non-SV
2R-CRo RM-1P-2S1D
2R-1W RM-1P-2S1D
2R-1W-CRo RM-1P-2S1D
2R-1W-CRo RM-1P-2S1D
2R-1W-CRi RM-1P-3S1D
3R-1W-CRio RM-1P-3S1D


unit in outcnt CR in CR out imm imms name
LDST 1 1 0 0 1 DS/SI LDST-1R-1W-imm
LDST 1 2 0 0 1 DS/SI LDST-1R-2W-imm
LDST 2 0 0 0 1 DS/SI LDST-2R-imm
LDST 2 1 0 0 LDST-2R-1W
LDST 2 1 0 0 1 DS/SI LDST-2R-1W-imm
LDST 2 2 0 0 LDST-2R-2W
LDST 3 0 0 0 LDST-3R
LDST 3 0 0 1 LDST-3R-CRo
LDST 3 1 0 0 LDST-3R-1W
OTHER 0 0 0 0
OTHER 0 0 0 0 1 LI imm
OTHER 0 0 0 1 CRo
OTHER 0 0 1 1 CRio
OTHER 0 0 1 1 1 CR=2R1W
OTHER 0 1 0 0 1W
OTHER 0 1 1 0 1W-CRi
OTHER 1 0 0 0 1R
OTHER 1 0 0 0 1 SI 1R-imm
OTHER 1 0 0 1 1R-CRo
OTHER 1 0 0 1 1 SI/UI 1R-CRo
OTHER 1 0 1 1 1R-CRio
OTHER 1 1 0 0 1R-1W
OTHER 1 1 0 0 1 SI/UI 1R-1W-imm
OTHER 1 1 0 1 1R-1W-CRo
OTHER 1 1 0 1 1 M1/SH/SH32/SI/UI 1R-1W-CRo
OTHER 2 0 0 0 2R
OTHER 2 0 0 1 2R-CRo
OTHER 2 1 0 0 2R-1W
OTHER 2 1 0 1 2R-1W-CRo
OTHER 2 1 0 1 1 SH/SH32 2R-1W-CRo
OTHER 2 1 1 0 2R-1W-CRi
OTHER 3 1 0 1 3R-1W-CRo
OTHER 3 1 1 1 3R-1W-CRio

LDST-1R-1W-imm (LDSTRM-2P-1S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
major.csv 32 lwz D-Form
major.csv 34 lbz D-Form
major.csv 40 lhz D-Form
major.csv 42 lha D-Form
minor_58.csv 0 ld DS-Form
minor_58.csv 2 lwa DS-Form

LDST-1R-2W-imm (LDSTRM-2P-1S2D)

CSV opcode asm form
major.csv 33 lwzu D-Form
major.csv 35 lbzu D-Form
major.csv 41 lhzu D-Form
major.csv 43 lhau D-Form
minor_58.csv 1 ldu DS-Form

LDST-2R-imm (LDSTRM-2P-2S)

CSV opcode asm form
major.csv 36 stw D-Form
major.csv 38 stb D-Form
major.csv 44 sth D-Form
minor_62.csv 0 std DS-Form


CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0000010100 lwarx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000010101 ldx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000010111 lwzx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000110100 lbarx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001010100 ldarx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001010111 lbzx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001110100 lharx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100010111 lhzx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0101010101 lwax X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0101010111 lhax X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000010100 ldbrx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000010110 lwbrx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100010101 lwzcix X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100010110 lhbrx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100110101 lhzcix X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1101010101 lbzcix X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1101110101 ldcix X-Form

LDST-2R-1W-imm (LDSTRM-2P-2S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
major.csv 37 stwu D-Form
major.csv 39 stbu D-Form
major.csv 45 sthu D-Form
minor_62.csv 1 stdu DS-Form


CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0000110101 ldux X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000110111 lwzux X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001110111 lbzux X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100110111 lhzux X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0101110101 lwaux X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0101110111 lhaux X-Form


CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0010010101 stdx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0010010111 stwx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011010111 stbx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0110010111 sthx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1010010100 stdbrx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1010010110 stwbrx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1110010101 stwcix X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1110010110 sthbrx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1110110101 sthcix X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1111010101 stbcix X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1111110101 stdcix X-Form


CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0010010110 stwcx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011010110 stdcx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1010110110 stbcx X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1011010110 sthcx X-Form


CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0010110101 stdux X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0010110111 stwux X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011110111 stbux X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0110110111 sthux X-Form


CSV opcode asm form
extra.csv 000000---------------0100000000- attn NONE-Form
extra.csv 01100000000000000000000000000000 nop D-Form
major.csv 17 sc SC-Form
minor_19.csv 0b0010010110 isync XL-Form
minor_19_00000.csv 0b00010 add pcis not implemented yet DX-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000010110 icbt X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000110110 dcbst X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001010110 dcbf X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011110110 dcbtst X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100010110 dcbt X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0111110010 slbia X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1001010110 sync X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1111010110 icbi X-Form

imm (non-SV)

CSV opcode asm form
major.csv 18 b I-Form

CRo (-)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_63l.csv 0b000000010 2/0=mcrfs -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b011000001 1/6=mtfsb1 -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b011000010 2/6=mtfsb0 -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b011000100 4/6=mtfsfi -Form

CRio (RM-2P-1S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_19.csv 0b0000000000 mcrf XL-Form

CR=2R1W (RM-1P-2S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_19.csv 0b0000100001 crnor XL-Form
minor_19.csv 0b0010000001 crandc XL-Form
minor_19.csv 0b0011000001 crxor XL-Form
minor_19.csv 0b0011100001 crnand XL-Form
minor_19.csv 0b0100000001 crand XL-Form
minor_19.csv 0b0100100001 creqv XL-Form
minor_19.csv 0b0110100001 crorc XL-Form
minor_19.csv 0b0111000001 cror XL-Form

1W (non-SV)

CSV opcode asm form
extra.csv 000001---------------0000000011- sim_cfg NONE-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001010011 mfmsr X-Form

1W-CRi (RM-2P-1S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0000010011 mfcr/mfocrf XFX-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0010000000 setb VX-Form

1R (non-SV)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0010010010 mtmsr X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0010110010 mtmsrd X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100010010 tlbiel X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100110010 tlbie X-Form

1R-imm (non-SV)

CSV opcode asm form
major.csv 2 tdi D-Form
major.csv 3 twi D-Form

1R-CRo (RM-2P-1S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_63l.csv 0b000000101 5/0=ftsqrt -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b011110110 22/7=mtfsf -Form

1R-CRo (RM-2P-1S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
major.csv 10 cmpli D-Form
major.csv 11 cmpi D-Form

1R-CRio (RM-2P-2S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0010010000 mtcrf/mtocrf XFX-Form

1R-1W (RM-2P-1S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0001101000 neg XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001111010 popcntb X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0010011010 prtyw X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0010111010 prtyd X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0101010011 mfspr XFX-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0101111010 popcntw X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0111010011 mtspr XFX-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0111111010 popcntd X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1001101000 nego XO-Form

1R-1W-imm (RM-2P-1S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
major.csv 12 addic D-Form
major.csv 14 addi D-Form
major.csv 15 addis D-Form
major.csv 24 ori D-Form
major.csv 25 oris D-Form
major.csv 26 xori D-Form
major.csv 27 xoris D-Form
major.csv 8 subfic D-Form

1R-1W-CRo (RM-2P-1S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0000011010 cntlzw X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000111010 cntlzd X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011001000 subfze XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011001010 addze XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000011010 cnttzw X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000111010 cnttzd X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1011001000 subfzeo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1011001010 addzeo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1110011010 extsh X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1110111010 extsb X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1111011010 extsw X-Form
minor_59.csv 0b01110 fcfid[u]s -Form
minor_59.csv 0b10110 fsqrts -Form
minor_59.csv 0b11000 fres -Form
minor_59.csv 0b11010 frsqrtes -Form
minor_63h.csv 0b0110 fsqrt -Form
minor_63h.csv 0b1000 fre -Form
minor_63h.csv 0b1010 frsqrte -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b011110010 18/7=mffsfamily -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b100000001 1/8=fneg -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b100000010 2/8=fmr -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b100000100 4/8=fnabs -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b100001000 8/8=fabs -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b100001100 12/8=frin -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b100001101 13/8=friz -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b100001110 14/8=frip -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b100001111 15/8=frim -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b110000000 0/12=frsp -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b111000000 0/14=fctiw -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b111000100 4/14=fctiwu -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b111011001 25/14=fctid -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b111011010 26/14=fcfid -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b111011101 29/14=fctidu -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b111011110 30/14=fcfidu -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b111100000 0/15=fctiwz -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b111100100 4/15=fctiwuz -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b111111001 25/15=fctidz -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b111111101 29/15=fctiduz -Form

1R-1W-CRo (RM-2P-1S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
major.csv 13 addic. D-Form
major.csv 21 rlwinm M-Form
major.csv 28 andi. B-Form
major.csv 29 andis. B-Form
major.csv 7 mulli D-Form
minor_30.csv 0b0000 rldicl MDS-Form
minor_30.csv 0b0001 rldicl MDS-Form
minor_30.csv 0b0010 rldicr MD-Form
minor_30.csv 0b0011 rldicr MD-Form
minor_30.csv 0b0100 rldic MD-Form
minor_30.csv 0b0101 rldic MD-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011101000 subfme XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011101010 addme XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1011101000 subfmeo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1011101010 addmeo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100111000 srawi X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100111010 sradi XS-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100111011 sradi XS-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1101111010 extswsli XS-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1101111011 extswsli XS-Form

2R (non-SV)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0000000100 tw X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001000100 td X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1111110110 dcbz X-Form

2R-CRo (RM-1P-2S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0000000000 cmp X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000100000 cmpl X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011000000 cmprb X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011100000 cmpeqb X-Form
minor_63l.csv 0b000000000 0/0=fcmpu -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b000000001 1/0=fcmpo -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b000000100 4/0=ftdiv -Form

2R-1W (RM-1P-2S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0011111100 bpermd X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100001001 modud X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100001011 moduw X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0111111100 cmpb X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100001001 modsd X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100001011 modsw X-Form
minor_63l.csv 0b011011010 26/6=fmrgow -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b011011110 30/6=fmrgew -Form

2R-1W-CRo (RM-1P-2S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
major.csv 23 rlwnm M-Form
minor_30.csv 0b1000 rldcl MD-Form
minor_30.csv 0b1001 rldcr MD-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000001000 subfc XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000001001 mulhdu XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000001010 addc XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000001011 mulhwu XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000011000 slw X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000011011 sld X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000011100 and X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000101000 subf XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000111100 andc X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001001001 mulhd XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001001011 mulhw XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001111100 nor X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0010001000 subfe XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0010001010 adde XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011101001 mulld XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011101011 mullw XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100001010 add XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100011100 eqv X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100111100 xor X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0110001001 divdeu XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0110001011 divweu XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0110011100 orc X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0110101001 divde XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0110101011 divwe XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0110111100 or X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0111001001 divdu XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0111001011 divwu XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0111011100 nand X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0111101001 divd XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0111101011 divw XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000001000 subfco XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000001001 mulhdu XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000001010 addco XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000001011 mulhwu XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000011000 srw X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000011011 srd X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000101000 subfo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1001001001 mulhd XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1001001011 mulhw XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1010001000 subfeo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1010001010 addeo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1011101001 mulldo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1011101011 mullwo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100001010 addo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100011000 sraw X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100011010 srad X-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1110001001 divdeuo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1110001011 divweuo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1110101001 divdeo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1110101011 divweo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1111001001 divduo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1111001011 divwuo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1111101001 divdo XO-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1111101011 divwo XO-Form
minor_59.csv 0b10010 fdivs -Form
minor_59.csv 0b10100 fsubs -Form
minor_59.csv 0b10101 fadds -Form
minor_59.csv 0b11001 fmuls -Form
minor_63h.csv 0b0010 fdiv -Form
minor_63h.csv 0b0100 fsub -Form
minor_63h.csv 0b0101 fadd -Form
minor_63h.csv 0b1001 fmul -Form
minor_63l.csv 0b100000000 0/8=fcpsgn -Form

2R-1W-CRo (RM-1P-2S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
major.csv 20 rlwimi M-Form
minor_30.csv 0b0110 rldimi MD-Form
minor_30.csv 0b0111 rldimi MD-Form

2R-1W-CRi (RM-1P-3S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_31.csv 0b0000001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0000101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0001101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0010001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0010101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0011101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0100101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0101001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0101101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0110001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0110101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0111001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b0111101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1000101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1001001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1001101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1010001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1010101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1011001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1011101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1100101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1101001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1101101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1110001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1110101111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1111001111 isel A-Form
minor_31.csv 0b1111101111 isel A-Form

3R-1W-CRo (-)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_63h.csv 0b0111 fsel -Form
minor_63h.csv 0b1100 fmsub -Form
minor_63h.csv 0b1101 fmadd -Form
minor_63h.csv 0b1110 fnmsub -Form
minor_63h.csv 0b1111 fnmadd -Form

3R-1W-CRio (RM-1P-3S1D)

CSV opcode asm form
minor_59.csv 0b11100 fmsubs -Form
minor_59.csv 0b11101 fmadds -Form
minor_59.csv 0b11110 fnmsubs -Form
minor_59.csv 0b11111 fnmadds -Form

svp64 remaps

  • LDST-1R-1W-imm: LDSTRM-2P-1S1D
  • LDST-1R-2W-imm: LDSTRM-2P-1S2D
  • LDST-2R-imm: LDSTRM-2P-2S
  • LDST-2R-1W: LDSTRM-2P-2S1D
  • LDST-2R-1W-imm: LDSTRM-2P-2S1D
  • LDST-2R-2W: LDSTRM-2P-2S1D
  • LDST-3R-1W: LDSTRM-2P-2S1D
  • CRo: -
  • CRio: RM-2P-1S1D
  • CR=2R1W: RM-1P-2S1D
  • 1W-CRi: RM-2P-1S1D
  • 1R-CRo: RM-2P-1S1D
  • 1R-CRo: RM-2P-1S1D
  • 1R-CRio: RM-2P-2S1D
  • 1R-1W: RM-2P-1S1D
  • 1R-1W-imm: RM-2P-1S1D
  • 1R-1W-CRo: RM-2P-1S1D
  • 1R-1W-CRo: RM-2P-1S1D
  • 2R-CRo: RM-1P-2S1D
  • 2R-1W: RM-1P-2S1D
  • 2R-1W-CRo: RM-1P-2S1D
  • 2R-1W-CRo: RM-1P-2S1D
  • 2R-1W-CRi: RM-1P-3S1D
  • 3R-1W-CRo: -
  • 3R-1W-CRio: RM-1P-3S1D


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