Tuesday 12th December 17:00 UTC

TODO EDIT, this is a clone/copy of last weeks notes (easier, saves time)

Main Agenda

  • reminder of only 10 weeks until march 1st deadline for completion of cavatools and cryptoprimitives.

Meeting notes:


  • bug #980, Started working on this, came to the conclusion that the lexer and the parser should deal with some language-agnostic AST nodes
  • Implemented some basic nodes and tested whether the overall idea is acceptable
  • We can already convert these node objects back to pseudocode
  • Moving on with investigating lexer and parser examples for ply


  • bug #676 can continue with ?maxloc after adding "mapreduce-like" mode across the entirety of dd-ffirst bug #1183. this is incredibly useful for many reasons


  • Work together with Luke on maxloc dd-ffirst unit tests bug #1183.


i finished working on elf support (bug #1169), didn't actually get statically-linked-to-glibc to work (moved to bug #1228), didn't get around to dynamically-linked ELFs (bug #1228). i did implement auxvec and env vars and arguments (bug #1228). i got not-linked-to-glibc to work (bug #1169). bug #1169 has been closed. bug #1228 stays open so we can finish it in a future grant.


  • Reviewing FOSDEM proposals and looking into how to setup schedule, see tomorrow's meeting for further info.
  • New bug for further documentation: bug #1233
    • Document RfP submission process, currently under this bug. Link to new documentation page rfp submission guide

--- TODO below here ---


  • Work together with Shriya (with Luke's asssitance) on Poly1305/ED25519.
  • Requests to arrange a meeting with Luke and Shriya to help him out with Poly1305 work.
  • Probably won't have enough time to do ed25519 before FOSDEM.


  • Update bug #1126 to include git commit descriptions.
  • Check whether RISC-V have their own way of describing the instructions (likely they do).
  • Familiarise yourself with svanalysis.py, as we will need a similar tool for RISC-V.
  • Check what RISC-V support in binutils looks like. Needed for confirming the details of the RISC-V binutils grant.