Tuesday 19th December 17:00 UTC

Main Agenda

  • reminder of only 9 weeks until march 1st deadline for completion of cavatools and cryptoprimitives.

Meeting notes:


  • bug #980, Started working on this, came to the conclusion that the lexer and the parser should deal with some language-agnostic AST nodes
  • Implemented some basic nodes and tested whether the overall idea is acceptable
  • We can already convert these node objects back to pseudocode
  • Moving on with investigating lexer and parser examples for ply


TRAVELLING 10-15 dec. was not available for any online meetings.

  • bug #676 can continue with ?maxloc after adding "mapreduce-like" mode across the entirety of dd-ffirst bug #1236. this is incredibly useful for many reasons
  • adding new mode to svstep, needed for maxloc.


working on submitting cavatools RFPs, currently blocked on nlnet adding me to the list of people that can be paid for that grant.




  • New bug for further documentation: bug #1233
    • Document RfP submission process, currently under this bug. Link to new documentation page rfp submission guide


  • Planning to finish poly1305 before new year's
  • After that, work with the team on presentations as well as my own
  • ed25519 won't be on time for FOSDEM, but will try my best before March 1st (CryptoRouter deadline)


  • Prioritizing the FOSDEM presentation bug #1220. Still on the planning stage, but I feel I'm ready to begin putting it down.