Tuesday 2nd January 17:00 UTC

Main Agenda

  • reminder of only 7 weeks until march 1st deadline for completion of cavatools and cryptoprimitives.


  • will need volunteers for the devroom:
    • Watch speaker, keep track of time
    • Carry mic to audience, keep questions short
    • Watch the door, make sure talk doesn't get disturbed (people come in in the middle of a talk)
  • Make sure PDF slides for the talks are:
    • Uploaded to pretalx platform in good time (two weeks before FOSDEM?)
    • Resolution set to 1280x800 resolution, preferably 800x600.
    • Higher-res slides can be uploaded later, but for the actual slides to be used during the event, resolution must be as mentioned above.
    • Put all PDFs on the laptop to be used for presentations. Make sure we have copies just in case.
    • More info on slides from Luke: email archive

Meeting notes:


  • Still in Spain travelling, will be back next week.
  • Internet patchy tomorrow onwards, no morning sync-up tomorrow.




  • svshape and REMAP must focus on.


  • Planning to finish poly1305 before deadline
  • After that, work with the team on presentations as well as my own
  • Make sure to use the dsrd bigint instruction for implementing parts of the Poly1305 routine. bigint spec


working on svshape3 and 4, needed for ed25519 pow xymod and much more