Wednesday 13th December 09:00 UTC

Main Agenda



  • Working on FOSDEM presentation.
  • It would be good to have another external talk.
    • (Andrey): Indeed, let's see how the scheduling works.


  • 10 active proposals for the devroom
    • Started reviewing a few of them.
  • Need to look at FOSDEM pretalx API for autogenerating schedule info.

    • Need to figure out how to make a schedule on pretaxl system
    • Ok, proposals need to be set to accepted before they are allowed to be assigned to the room schedule. I've started accepting a few talks to see how the schedule looks (4 talks, and we're already down to about 2:15h left). No confirmation emails have been sent, so I can set talks to accepted to start arranging the schedule, confirmation emails can be sent tomorrow.
    • The room we've been assigned (devroom-managers list) is k4201, so that's where I'm scheduling for now.
  • Need to check if pre-recorded talks are permitted for FOSDEM 2024.